About Dr. Simon E. Mills


Steps in Mt Morris Park HarlemSimon Mills is a skilled and successful entrepreneur with over thirty years of business experience. Born in Perth Western Australia in 1967 Dr. Mills studied at the Conservatorium of Music in New South Wales and went on to become a piano tuner – restorer, tour with many successful rock bands and to host a radio program that became nationally syndicated. Mills founded London Music Group (“LMG”) with business partner Wazza Bray in 1990 and grew that company to the number one commercial music house in the country winning award after award and culminating in the world’s best jingle award. In 2006, with several successful startups completed, Simon moved from Australia to New York City with his wife and three children. Simon grew LMG digitalMedia in the US to attract customers as significant as Hyatt, AIG, BBDO, CBS,Starbucks, Pepsi, The Economist and many more.


Dr. Mills is now the CEO of Locate Real Estate Corporation. Locate is a disruptive real estate technology platform, a national real estate brokerage network and a media monetization engine. Five years in development the company is now readying for launch at full national scale in the US.

Dean of Technology at CULA

In 2015 Dr. Mills was honored by being asked to join the faculty of City University Los Angeles in the role of Dean of Technology. CULA, a 40 year old organization is brining its technology in line with todays needs and Dr. Mills is facilitating that transition. Http://www.cula.edu


Aside from his business life Simon is predominantly a writer. Books, songs, theories, articles, content, video… communicating the story with words, with music, with vision, with rich, clear expression. That is where his heart is at home.